Can I use a debit card?

Unfortunately, we cannot afford debit cards, as their regulations do not conform to our guarantee deposit policy. We also do not accept payments in cash or with checks.

For bookings made for Spain starting on the 16th of August and vehicle collection on the 6th of November 2018 or bookings made for France starting on the 20th of August and vehicle collection starting on the 2nd of October 2018

We accept debit cards and EC-Karte which include the following conditions:

Destinations with security deposits: customers will be charged the corresponding security deposit.

Keep in mind that due to the currency exchange rate and other possible non-Interrent related bank fees, customers will be responsible for the possible fees applied when the aforementioned security deposit or excess is made or reimbursement.

It is essential that after the rental period is over, the customer returns the vehicle at our location and requests the reimbursement of their security deposit (as long as the car is in good condition or the vehicle has not been involved in any accident)/ breakdown…etc). Please keep in mind that we cannot make any reimbursements to a debit card if you do not have the physical card with you.

It is possible to pay with a card (rent + fuel + extras) and charge the security deposit to another card (the name on both cards should be the same as the name on the contract).

We do not accept payments made with pre-paid cards, Postpay, gift or Diners cards. We cannot accept payments in cash either.


All the automatic reimbursements (non-used fuel, security deposit…etc) will always be made in Euros (even if the customer originally paid with a different currency); therefore, the customer will be responsible for the possible fees (bank fees…etc).

For bookings made for Olbia and Cagliari after the 6th of September and vehicle collection after the 13th of November 2018:

We accept debit card payments for all bookings previously made and new bookings until further notice.

The only requisite is that the customers will be charged the corresponding security deposit instead of holding it. Keep in mind that due to the currency exchange and other possible non-Interrent bank fees, the customer will be responsible for possible fees involved in charging or reimbursement of the previously mentioned security deposit or excess charge.

Please also keep in mind that you must have enough funds in your card and a limit that allows you to charge the security deposit. We’d like to remind you that if you pick the Super Relax coverage, you don’t need worry about the previously mentioned information.

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