How can I pay for my rental?

For rentals where you paid online at the time of booking:
Your credit card will be debited for the rental amount at reservation time

For rentals to be paid at the rental location:
An authorisation deposit will be required at time of pick up and you will pay the rental cost at the end of the rental.

The accepted means of payment are credit cards.
As certain payment card companies may not be represented in all rental countries, please verify in advance the acceptance of your payment card in a small or remote country. Payment cards are accepted to the limits authorised by the card company.

For destinations in France, Portugal and Spain we also accept debit cards as well as EC-Karte with the following conditions: Customers will be charged the deposit amount.

 It is essential that once the rental is completed, the client returns to the collection office to have the deposit refunded (if the returned vehicle is in good condition or has not been involved in any accident etc ...).
Please bear in mind that being a debit card, we can not make the return without having the physical card. You can pay with a card (rent + fuel + extras) and leave the deposit with a different one. In both cases, the cardholder must be the same owner of the rental contract.
For the United Kingdom, American Express is accepted as long as the customer pays an extra £ 4 per reservation.

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